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I want you to know....

I want you to know I wasn’t always the woman I am today.

I used to live dual existences - at work, I was the profession who’s advice was always sought.

I was the mum that got all the shit done and who’s kids were happy and well adjusted.

I juggled all the balls and on the outside I did an amazing job.

On the inside, I was crumbling.

I often woke at 3am with a raging thirst and sky high anxiety.

More often than not, my mornings started with a fuzzy head, an awful taste in my mouth and a general feeling of ‘meh’.

I longed for the feeling of opening that first bottle of wine, safe on my sofa with the all the trashy tv.

What I know now, is that this wasn’t living. This was existing.

I knew I needed to change, way before I actually did.

I had countless ‘day 1s.’

Then I found the powerhouse combination of neuro linguistic programming (NLP), Coaching and Community.

I became one person for the first time and I rediscovered the sense of joy in the everyday normality of life.

I changed my life.

Now I help other women to do the same and it’s incredible. I've built a safe community for women like me and together we are unstoppable.

If you can relate to my story and you are you ready - reach out.

I am here. I’ll hold your hand for as long as you need me to - and I have a bunch of friends who’ll do the same.

Together we are stronger.

Together we get to take back control.

I just need you to be brave and step forward. Let's get this shit sorted, together.

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