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Total Transformation
- 121 Work

My favourite type of work EVER is intensive one to one, transformational coaching. 

I proudly offer an intensive three month package of bespoke and holistic coaching to women, predominately in the alcohol free community.


I have very recently released new availability for this package (first time since July 2023!!) and have extended the opening to any woman who's connected with me on socials who is feeling 'stuck.' My focus within the AF community has always been on empowerment - and that will never change.


I'm just keen to roll this movement out to women everywhere.

Start a revolution.....

The journey commences with a two hour 'breakthrough session' where we achieve crystal clear clarity regarding where you are now and where you want to be. You will have completed work outside of this session to refine out focus further.

Over the following three months, we will have weekly, hour long zoom sessions where we work towards getting you to that vision you created or developed in the breakthrough session.

I'll hold you to account throughout and keep you focused.

This is where the true transformation happens.

When you've got the right cheerleader / coach in your pocket, on standby for when you need them.

As a 121 client, you'll have exclusive access to my personal mobile phone number, to use whenever you need. 

Imagine what's possible when you stop prioritising everyone and everything else and invest in you.

In session, clients will experience a variety of holistic transformational tools including NLP, EFT, Meditation, CBT and Reframing.


And when you hit bump? As a 121 client if you're struggling, you reach out.


We walk through it, together. You don't have to do this on your own. 

I'll hold your hand when you need me to, hold you accountable throughout and believe me when I say, I'll also kick your arse when it's required.

We don't just focus on alcohol - or being AFAF the whole three months we work together, it's way more exciting than that!! Let's dig deep and rewire some of those neurological pathways together, using powerhouse tools like NLP to remove the beliefs you're holding onto - that in turn, are holding you back.

Let's stop existing and start living.


Let's systematically create a life that you wouldn't be paid to escape a single second of. That may be slightly OTT - but you get the picture. Let's get to where we want to be.

Brand New for 2024!!

All 121 Clients will have FREE access to Subs for the duration of the program (12 weeks) 121 clients will have full access to the 12 week Sober Sofa program (which you'll through week by week), the brand new EmpowerHER program, daily accountability and motivational posts, an incredible private community, stacks of bonus, on demand training from live experts, journals, workbooks and more!

Existing members of Subs will have payments paused. 

The investment required is dependant on the outcome of the assessment within the discovery session. I know how important and relevant cost is, so to give you an idea, the most expensive package (121 - 3 Months) starts at £40 a week or £160 PM over twelve months.

Offset this cost against how much you're currently drinking - and work out when you'll make your money back!

All 121 coaching comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


You get to experience four weeks of having my docile Welsh tones in your pocket and if I don't deliver, or show up as I promised I would - then you get your money back. No questions asked.

If you have any questions, or you're not sure if you want a discovery session - or you've already had a discovery session previously and are now ready to get started, pop me a message or an email and I'll look at the options.

To get started, click the button to join the waiting list. When availability is open for discovery sessions, you will be contacted as a priority. 

If, when you click this link there is availability then there's been a cancellation!


Even if there is only slot available, you'll be offered a selection of slots to choose from, for your convenience. 

So my love, let's do this - your life is too precious to waste another second....

Let's do this!

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