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Kirsty, January 2023

Lucy - Current Client

Witheld at client's request

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After my health failing and 18 months of illness, tests, medication changes, I practically begged the services to get me in the hospital before my body shut down from malnutrition and severe IBS/IBD! I had a 10 day hospital stint, a lot of time in hospital was spent wondering why the hell I used this poison as a crutch!! And I started realising how much alcohol was accelerating any illness and the damage it was actually doing to my body!! There were no longer any benefits at all left from drinking!! I came home 11 days sober and although my illness is still there its so much more manageable, and I can actually enjoy my life again without just existing at home being really ill and ridden with anxiety. I was more than ready for a new sober life.

I dabbled in looking at therapies etc and came across this amazing group. The support from so many women was unbelievable and I was really grateful I reached out. I wanted to push myself to make sure I completed January so done the Sober Sesh with Jo & a few of the ladies that I am so glad to now call lifelong friends!! Honestly it's been a complete life changer for me and I am so grateful I found the courage to ask for help when I did!!! It only takes that first step if you want it enough!! Currently day 96 & counting... One day at a time 16/11/22 xx

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My journey with Jo has been so transformational. The stars alligned and after a few months of not really finding the right sober community or support for me, I finally found Jo and joined the very next day. I've met some incredible women and Jo's programme for us was so imformative, insightful and helpful and has really stuck. 

It has helped me get into a really positive and excited mindset again and seeing the truth about sobriety - that is the freedom and joy we keep looking for!

Mani - January 23

The structure, learning and meeting this group of amazing women came just at the right time for me!

I needed the Sober Sesh to get my mindset back to the place it was when I spent 10 years sober and smashing life. I'm now back to that place, but with the added bonus of some lifelong sober friends and a wealth of factual knowledge on what I was doing to my body and brain. Excellent value for money for a life changing four week course.

Thank you Jo x

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I signed up for Jo's sober sesh with about 2 months of sobriety under my belt, and I was really seeking the support and community of a like-minded group of women. The Sober Sesh was that and more: Jo provided the hard (scary) data that support a zero-proof lifestyle, and the shared stories of the women were inspiring and humbling. It was so incredible to intereact with these amazing women, grow together, and have a safe space to share both struggles and successes. I highly recommend this program to anyone regardless of their Day Count as a way to re-center, help, be helped, and either remember or discover how much is to be gained in an alcohol-free life. You'll never be the same.”

The ENTIRE content of the incredible, science backed, peer reviewed 'Sober Sesh' programme worth £97 is now available within the Sober Sofa Subscribers group - what are you waiting for?!

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