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I Am So Sorry to See You Go!

If you've followed my program for any length of time, you will know that the foundation is one of female empowerment and self love. So I'm not going to beg, or even ask you to remain in Subs if you've decided to leave. Because you decide my love, always.

To cancel your membership, please just pop me an email at or click here:

Please note, if you are within the first 24 hours of your membership, you are entitled to a full refund - please make reference to that in your email.

Subs can be cancelled at anytime.

All memberships are cancelled at the point of request, regardless of when the last payment was made. I'm charged for every transaction and for every refund, so I cannot continue to absorb these costs, unless of course the fault is my own. 

If you request cancellation after a payment has been taken, you will loose anytime remaining that month, even if payment has been taken that day.


As a savvy Welsh woman, I'd be setting myself a reminder right before my payment due date to request cancellation (but we're all different)!!

Please note that all cancellations must be made in writing, it is not enough to simply leave the app - or the Facebook group. 

If you are on the OG rate of £9.99, this will be terminated when you leave Subs. If you choose to rejoin, you will rejoin at the rate offered at that time.

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