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Join our incredible community of women changing their relationship with alcohol - for good!


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  • Do you often drink more than you want to? 

  • Embarrass yourself frequently at social situations?

  • Wake up unrested, thirsty and full of anxiety?

  • Struggle to achieve goals and live life authentically?​

  • Is your drinking affecting your relationships?

  • Do the health implications of alcohol worry you?

If you've answered 'Yes' to any of the above, you need to take back control from alcohol!

I see you - and here's why I can help....

I'm Jo O'Connor,

a double certified Alcohol Freedom Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Founder of the Sober Sofa, Author, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Former Specialist Probation Officer, Accredited Treatment Facilitator, Mum of Two, Wife and a Sober Advocate.

Sounds like I've got my shit together, right?

​I have, now.​

​This time back in 2020 I still looked like I had it all, but I was living a lie.


I was drinking up to three bottles of wine a night, on the sofa of my lovely four bedroom house whilst my children slept upstairs. We were in lock-down and much like the rest of the country, my drinking had escalated out of control.


​I was fine, until I wasn't.​ 

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I’d swear to myself every morning that I wouldn’t drink that night, sometimes I’d be successful, but most of the time the ‘wine witch’ would start calling around 5pm and before I knew it, I'd be waking at 3am wondering how it had happened 'again.'

I tried ALL the programmes and had some success - sober days/weeks even the odd month here and there, but it was a constant STRUGGLE.


I thought about wine ALL the time


I had serious FOMO

I was desperate to be NORMAL


I'd spent almost 20 years at the forefront of the British Criminal Justice System, serving others (mainly men) in their recovery. I knew there were huge gaps, especially for women, like me and like you....


Fed up of waking up full of anxiety and regret from the night before? 
Drinking to relax or to meet an emotional need such as switching off?
Finding it difficult to stop - and stay stopped without FOMO?
Struggling to experience the joy in every day life?

The Sober Sofa Subscribers

The 'one stop shop' for women looking to challenge
and change their relationship with alcohol.

Here's a tiny snapshot of what you can expect inside!

​This unique and affordable group coaching programme enables me to support more women in discovering the life changing, transformative secrets to breaking free from problematic drinking - than I'd ever be able to reach through one to one work.

If you've managed the odd break from alcohol here and there but 'somehow' always end up right back to where you started, or are remaining sober but crippled with FOMO the likely explanation is that you've skipped


In The Sober Sofa Subscribers group, members do THE WORK.

We address your core beliefs that support alcohol and develop strategies and systems to replace them.

We also identify and release unwanted thoughts and
feelings, before moving (as a collective) to a life we no longer want to escape from.

THE Investment

To join Subs, the cost is just £2.25 a week (cheaper than a bottle of wine) or £9 a month. 

Or join us for a whole year and get one month FREE for just £99!

We know that a financial investment (even such a small one) has a HUGE psychological influence - none of us want to pay for something and not actually use it, right?!

What's it Going to Take?


I am so confident you will love it here, I offer you 24 hours to come and check us out.

If, within this time frame you decide it's not for you - I'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

After that, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

There really is nothing to loose, and it might just change your life.

Make a decision today, that your future self will thank you for.

All my love,




"It is NOT enough to simply STOP DRINKING....

You HAVE to
 simultaneously ADDRESS the reasons you DRANK PROBLEMATICALLY in the first place."

Jo O'Connor

I'll be four years sober in August 2024, despite a horrednous attempt at moderation about eighteen months in. Lots of learning occured during that time, enough to enable me to make the decision to go all in - AFAF. 

Since then, I've changed my whole life.


I handed in my notice for an almost twenty year career as a Probation Officer after struggling with it since I had my first child in 2014. 

I let go of relationships that caused me hurt and I set in motion a level of support that means I can step back from others. 

I maintain healthy boundaries. 

I prioritise wellness. 

Since I left Probation, I started supporting women to move away from problematic drinking by empowering them to change their lives. This would lights my soul and enables me to travel all over the world, collecting memories and experiences. 

In 2023 I packed up everything, including my family and went travelling around South East Asia. We spent in total 2 months in Bali and 2 months in Thailand. It was life changing. 

Since then, we've also visited Egypt and we are currently stopped in Alberta, Canada.

None of this would be happening if I was still drinking, on my lovely sofa, in my lovely home.

If you're a woman who is ready to stand up and bloody claim it - stop wasting time numbing everything out and get about changing all the things you're trying to escape from. You don't have to join us over on Subs, or even work with me at all - but please, just find whatever works for you and do it.

Life is precious, and so are you.

What an AFAF Life Looks like

Our Signature Life - What Exactly are We Supposed to be Missing Out On?


​😍An entire TWELVE WEEK PROGRAM designed to challenge and change your relationship with alcohol and your LIFE (worth £2997) available exclusively to members on our brand new App

😍The EmpowerHER course available on demand, with ALL the resources, including the journal, workbook, hypnosis and EFT video training (worth £29.99)

😍 Off Facebook community feature inside the App

😍 On demand live training and guest experts 

😍 Peer led Sober Circles and an opportunity to host

😍 Access to our incredible private Facebook Group

😍 Saturday Selfies, Self Care Sundays, Half Week Check ins and Daily Gratitudes are just some of the regular motivational posts to keep the traction moving

😍 A high-vibe community of women committed to achieving freedom from alcohol

😍 A complete guide to Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

😍 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) exercises

😍 Workbooks and journals to support your journey

😍 Daily pledges and accountability posts

😍 Holistic Wellness bonuses available immediately on joining including Theta Healing, Hypnosis, Ayurveda and Meditation

Included FREE of charge for all Subs Members

EMPOWER is our brand new mini course, packed to the brim with powerhouse tools designed to meet you wherever you are and propel you on your journey towards becoming the empowered and free woman, that I know you are.

This course includes a journal, workbook, hypnosis and EFT video training and is designed to compliment or work exclusively of the 12 week Sober Sofa program.

Whether you're on day 1 or day 1001 - this course will be a gamechanger.

You'll find EMPOWER priced separately for £29.99, or included as stand alone program on our app, as part of your Subs subscription.

Like with all the perks of being a Subs member, you will loose access to EmpowerHER if you leave the program.


If purchased separately,  EMPOWER is yours to keep - forever!!

You can find all the details to purchase EMPOWER as a complete, stand alone course here!

BONUS CONTENT Available Immediately























Within this program and associated membership, I share absolutely EVERYTHING I know about getting and staying sober.

I am now almost four years AFAF and at a stage of my journey where it is no longer aligned to spend all my time immersed in sobriety study, so as I move into deeper healing work I will continue to share my learning with my lovely members in the hope at least some of it will resonate.

In the 'bonus material' section of the app, you will find all the details of my post sobriety transformational work (I'm currently studying Ayurveda and Herbalism) along with all our incredible guest experts - please take what you need and leave the rest.

Features Available Immediately on Joining!

The best £2.25 a week you will EVER spend.....

Our Exclusive and Private on and OFF Facebook Communities

Direct Support from Women who GET IT

Worldwide Peer Support 24/7

Immediate Access to our App
EMPOWER and 12 Week Sober Sofa Program


Feel the Power of Women Supporting Women, in a Way You Will Not have Experienced Before

Includes Access to 'Long Term Sobriety Tools' Focused on General / Holistic Healing and Transformation

"This group was created with the help of the women from this community, women like you and and me so that none of us have to do it alone.


I've poured all the resources into it that you need to challenge and change your relationship not only with alcohol, but with yourself - for good!!​

​​​I'm confident that you'll find the support you're looking for here and you'll have a whole 24 hours to settle in. If you change your mind within that timeframe, I will refund 100% of your money back to you. The truth is, I only want women in this space, who are really ready to change their lives and take back everything that's theirs. It's honestly everything.

You can also cancel your subscription at anytime, if your circumstances change. You can find all the cancellation details here:

I've made this as accessible and safe as I possibly can, now I need you to take a chance.

£2.25 a week isn't going to change your life, but this intervention just might....

See you on the inside, 

All my love 



(someone who's been there)

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Full Disclaimer

Since I became AFAF and took back control of my life, I now live completely unapologetically and authentically - whatever that means on any given day. As a member of Subs, I am routing for you. I'm checking in as much as I can and I'm sharing new learning as I go, but the truth is my love, in this fabulous new alcohol free live I've created, I don't want to spend my life on social media - I just don't. I'll still be offering direct support to members where I can and I'll be posting daily accountability posts and updating all the incredible content on the app to keep it fresh and engaging - but I won't be glued to group 24/7. I hope this clarity helps.

For anyone who would like to work with me more closely, please consider joining the waiting list for 121 work and keep your eyes out for even more opportunities!

121 Total Transformation

121 Bespoke package of holistic empowerment coaching to get you alcohol free and living life instead of just existing. 


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