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Still going strong!

Still going despite our 2am start

The last time I was in Benidorm was my hen in 2018.

I don’t remember getting on the plane and was almost denied boarding by concerned cabin crew.

On arrival, I was convinced I’d left my money on the plane and had a full on meltdown in arrivals.

I can’t lie and say it wasn’t fun….

Until it wasn’t.

My hangover lasted a week.

Depression and anxiety hungover me for the entire duration and I didn’t go to work. I literally couldn’t face the world, including my kids. I knew I was being snappy, unreasonable and miserable. They had no idea why.

This trip to Benny is slightly different it’s just me and my monkeys. I’d never be able to do this if I was still drinking. The 2.30am start would’ve been hideous after the pre holiday drinks I’d undoubtably of had the night before. I’d have snapped and snarled my way through the plane journey until an over priced plastic cup of dehydration was served on the plane.

I’d by now be slurring and talking to random people I’d never talk to sober. My kids would probably be none the wiser - but I would.

I’ll look back on this photo in the future and know I was 100% present for them. Which is nothing less than they deserve

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