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Sober Sofa 
Inner Circle 

For Those
WhoWant a
Little Bit More...

Weekly Live Hot Seat Coaching

Every Single Week.

Let's smash the shit out of this.

Not just limited to being AFAF.

These sessions will be perfect for any woman who feels stuck, or small or bored or unseen. 

I see you.

And now I'm going to work with you in hot seat coaching situation. 

Once per week we meet on zoom. 

Each woman in attendance will have a period of time in 'the hot seat'. 

In the hot seat, I'll coach you through anything that might be holding you back that week.

Or I'll hold you accountable for goals set in the previous session. 

Or we'll work a step of the brilliant Sober Sofa program.

It's going to intense.

But it's going to also be transformational.

Free Access to our Beloved Subs Community. 

Inner Circle Members will have access to our incredibly 'high vibe' and engaged private Facebook Community.

Our Sober Sofa App

12 Week Sober Sofa Program

EmpowerHER Mini Course

Bonus Trainings including Theta Healing and a Menopause workshop. 

Join us for daily accountability and notivational posts.

Existing Subs members will receive a pause in fees whilst they remain in the Inner Circle. 

121 Coaching via Email

Inner Circle Members will have access to a private, coaching session with Jo per week.

This is in addition to the live, weekly hot coaching session.


Members will have the option to engage in a weekly, private session where they can access support directly from Jo in respect to ANYTHING keeping them stuck.

Ever wished you had an objective, second opinion?

Someone to validate or offer you a different perspective when required?

Once a week, you'll have the opportunity to message Jo directly with something you'd like support on. You'll receive a comprehensive response within 24 hours which can be further expanded on in live coaching if desired. 


This is not a pre-requisite of being in the Inner Circle, but a fantastic offer members will be welcome to take advantage of.


I'm opening up the waiting list to this brand new, very special program.

Members on the waiting list will be assessed for suitability and when capacity has been reached applications will close. 

The group will have both a minimum and a maximum number of participants to protect integrity. 

Please note, only women committed to and ready for change will be accepted into the Inner Circle. 

Members will be required to commit for three months initially, with the option to extend if required.

Who's ready to change their life in 12 weeks?

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Sober Sofa
Inner Circle

For the longest time, members of Subs have talked to me about wanting an alternative, more exclusive option to work with me that doesn't require the level of investment 121 coaching does.

In response, I've opened a waiting list to join a brand new group of super motivated women.

Within this group, we will hold weekly zooms where we do live 'hot seat coaching' via zoom.

Every member takes the hot seat for ten minutes.


Every single week. No exceptions. 

You bring whatever is holding you back that week. 

This group isn't going to be for the faint hearted,

Want 12 weeks AFAF - Let's Do It!

Want total transformation of how you feel about yourself and your life? Let's Go!

Want to work on your confidence and improve how you set boundaries? Let's Get to Work!

The level of focus within this container is going to be insane.


Let's go on journey, my love. 

Free Access to Subs

Members of the Inner Circle will have complimentary access into our beloved Subs community which includes:

  • Daily motivational pledges and accountability posts

  • Monthly Live Circles with Me

  • 12 week Program designed to challenge and change your relationship with alcohol

All the incredible bonus material including:

  • Theta Healing

  • The Control Room

  • The Menopause Coach

  • Relationships and Attachment Workshop

  • Anxiety Journal

  • Emotional Freedom Technique guide

The complete EmpowerHER course including:

  • Workbook containing TONS of Mindfulness, Breathwork and NLP exercises

  • Journal to Dig Deep and Do The WORK

  • EFT Video Training

  • EmpowerHER Hypnosis/Meditation

Existing Members of Subs will have their fees suspended for the duration of their Inner Circle membership.


This membership is priced at £25 per week, or £97 per month. Minimum three months required.

Waiting List
Inner Circle

Submit your application to join the waiting list for this brand new, exclusive program.

Spaces Limited!


I'll be in touch if your application is successful!!

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