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What's the Difference Between these Women?


When people think of a woman who has a problematic relationship with alcohol, they see the first image. She is a lady that uses the money she collects on the street to buy cheap booze, that she drinks from a paper bag on the street. She is someone who’s issues are seen.

The lady in the second photo has more access to alcohol, in the day she works. She spends her wages on fancy wine, which she drinks from expensive glasses in her beautiful home.

The reality is that both women are fighting the same battle. Both women are using the same substance. Guess what, ethanol/alcohol is exactly the same in both drinks. You can add fancy flavours and you can dress it up in a nice bottle - but it’s the same substance. It does the same damage.

I am on a mission to find women who relate to the second photo. The unseen drinkers. The ones who when they tell their friends (if they get the courage to do so) they’re told “don’t be ridiculous, there’s nothing wrong with you!”

The women who get their shit done, who affect no one else, who fly under the radar. The secret drinkers. The enabled drinkers. The ones who know deep down there is something wrong with their drinking habits.

I was that woman in the second picture. I dragged myself out of hell and I want to pay it back. I am here for those women, I see you and I can help you.

Reach out, there is no judgement here. Only support, love and guidance ❤️

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