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Sometimes, you just have to move!

Very unusual Mother’s Day for me to today, the first one I’ve not spent with Dez in almost ten years.

I took Mam for lunch yesterday and I couldn’t take the kids, as planned to the ranch with friends as I had to wait for a delivery.

I could feel myself getting into a funk this morning, so I got up and started the beast of a garden - with the kids in tow

Did I enjoy five hours of back breaking graft (kids lasted 10 mins)

The truth is no.

But I do love looking at the results.

So much so, I stripped all the beds and cleaned the house from top to bottom.

Squeezed in a cheeky trip to b+m so the kids could spend their pocket money and had a lovely surprise bunch of daffodils left on my doorstep from a lovely, thoughtful friend.

Then came the most beautiful card and more flowers from my love.

The three of us are bathed, in our jammies and I’m enjoying my new shiatsu neck massager, also from my love.

Tonight, we will have a takeaway and a movie.

Not the Mother’s Day I’d have planned, but it’s been lovely none the less. Had I sat around all day and sulked it would definitely not have turned out this way.

Sometimes, we just need to move and then the love follows

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