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It's hard, I've been there and I get it

When we decide to change our relationship with alcohol every fiber of your body will scream that you are doing the wrong thing. This will be reinforced by the media, by our cultural norms, by our family and our peers.

Stay strong sis, you are part of the resistance.

Like I did, you've reached a place where you're questioning whether or not alcohol is preventing you from being your very best self (clue - it undoubtable is).

But it's hard. It's really fucking hard.

As soon as you say "I'm not drinking" you immediately hold a mirror up to those around you, who do drink. They will feel more, or at the very least as uncomfortable as you. They will very likely start telling you about their own relationship with alcohol - even when you didn't ask for it. It's human nature.

As a collective, society has closed it's mind to the reality of alcohol. The reality of the impact it has on us as an individual, our relationships, our children, our work, our health, our fitness, our happiness, our self esteem and our dreams.

If you are starting to question this, congratulations and welcome to the enlightened tribe. The ones who don't need to chug a few in order to feel confident, or social, or happy.

The tribe that are present, calm and authentic.

There will be bumps on this journey - you will need your tribe to have your back, until you're strong enough to hold your own.

The first few days and months of sobriety are the absolute toughest - yet these are the ones we often keep repeating - it doesn't need to be like this.

if you are struggling with any aspect of sobriety, reach out.

I see you, I hear you and I love you ❤️

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