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I'm waiting for you, with open arms xx

This was me at 13, clutching a cheap bottle of cider.

I’d already learnt a couple of years prior that alcohol was an excellent way to escape.

A way of avoiding dealing with all the stuff I didn’t want to face.

A way to feel confident and social, a way to connect.

A way to feel comfortable inside my own skin.

A way to get people to like me.

A way to turn down the ugly feelings.

It took another two and a half decades to unlearn these lessons. To realise not only was I escaping the bad - I was missing out on the good.

I had to step out of the matrix and re-wire my brain. It wasn’t easy, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I look at all I’ve achieved in the last (almost) three years of sobriety and I can’t help but wonder what I could’ve achieved with those other two and half decades, had I just stopped picking up that first drink.

Had I just been brave enough to reach out, I might’ve had the courage to accept the right support.

This reflection makes me sad, but I refuse to live there. Alcohol has taken enough from me, now it just provides motivation.

The motivation to squeeze every single last drop out of this precious life. I’ve wasted enough time down the bottle of the bottom and I refuse to waste another, single second.

I also refuse to allow any other woman who wants to work with me, to do the same.

I will share with you all of my skills and all of my experience. I’ll hold your hand when you want me to and give you a kick up the arse when you need me to.

I’ll be your best friend - but I’ll also call you out on your bullshit and hold you accountable.

I’ll keep the traction moving.

I promise you it won’t be easy, but I promise you it’ll be worth it.

Don’t make the mistakes I did.

Be brave, be bold and take that first step.

I am waiting for you with open arms… and payment plans to suit all budgets. Cost is never and will never a barrier to working with me.

How much more time do you really have to waste in that hellhole? Life is beautiful over this side, trust me.

If you’re serious about changing your relationship with alcohol, DM me ‘change’ now and let’s get this started.

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