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Feel the fear and do it anyway!

March 2023

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Yesterday I stepped down (officially) as a personal travel advisor and as much as it needed to be done, I still felt sad. It was the perfect transition from my former career and I loved every second of it. Who knows what the future holds, I might return one day For now though, my full attention is dedicated to supporting incredible women to challenge and change their relationship with alcohol. I know this is my true calling because every single bit of me is lit up when I do it. It just comes so easily and effortlessly and I still can’t quite believe I get paid to do it because not a second of it feels like ‘work.’ For now, my books are closed to new clients (both one to one and group). Those who work with me know I struggle to say no, but I’ve reached a point where I really have to - so I can dedicate my energy fully, to my wonderful clients already invested. I will shortly be opening up my waiting list for June, where I will be taking on a maximum of five new clients for one to one work. If you think this might be of interest to you, pop me a message now so I can connect with you at the earliest opportunity

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