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"Re-discover who you are so we know what and who we're fighting for"

The 'Empower' program has been developed using my own experience as a woman who used to use alcohol to hide from her troubles and the world.

As a woman who has now helped over 300+ women challenge and change their relationship with alcohol.

As a woman with 17 years experience in rehabilitation and public protection.

As a woman who knows that there are other women, just like her who are ready to reclaim everything that was always theirs.

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I know you're tired.


I know you're fed up.

I know you feel like there is something wrong with you.

I know you're stuck.

The thing is my love, if you're where I was four years ago then you're doing better than I was - just for being here.

The fact we've connected, tells me everything I need to know about you. You're down - but you're not out.


You're a fighter and now you have an ally


In this course, I'm going to share with you some of the most powerful tools I've utilised in my (almost) four years of being AFAF. I've collaborated on this project to bring you a powerful Hypnosis, designed to target your subconscious mind directly. 


Now, this course isn't designed to challenge and change your relationship with alcohol - we have our beloved 'Subs' program for that, you can find more information (and a special offer) on that further down the page and remember - this course is included over there completely free!

This course is exclusively designed to challenge and change your relationship with yourself so that you can do ANYTHING...

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access to in

Empower Workbook

Use this digital workbook to help you along your journey towards empowerment. It is PACKED with exercises and prompts designed for total transformation.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Exercises

This is where it gets really exciting!

We've been working hard on our conscious minds - let's use these powerhouse NLP techniques (including swish patterns) to tackle the subconscious mind.

Empower Journal

Use this beautiful digital journal to help process your thoughts along this journey. 

Journal can either be printed, or used for prompts in your own!

Emotional Freedom Technique Video Training

Continue your holistic healing journey by learning this ancient technique focused on the meridian - or energy points throughout your body.

Self Care Tools

Learn powerful Self Care skills such as breathwork and how to be more mindful and present.

Empower Hypnosis Audio

As if this course wasn't jam packed with enough transformational resources, I've also included a light hypnosis to listen to every night before you go to sleep - or wherever you find yourself with a quiet ten minutes.

Close your eyes and let me work on your subconscious - it's much less scary than it sounds!

Time Limited Offer -

Sober Sofa Members


As a brand new program, I would love to have the opportunity of your feedback before I launch it mainstream and as a thank you, I'm offering a 50% discount on this course, meaning you will get it ALL for the stonking bargain price of £14.99.

This course will rise to £29.99 when the testing is finished - and it'll still be an absolute steal!

That's one payment of £14.99 for the entire course which is yours to keep forever!!!

This offer is only available for existing Sober Sofa members and will be withdrawn when I reach my sample size (transparency) 


To check whether there is remaining availability on this offer and for ALL the tea on EmpowerHER - simply click this link!

FYI.... If you get the 'this link has expired' page - you're too late!


PS - If you're a lady who's also looking to challenge and change her relationship with alcohol then there's an extra special offer for you further down the page.....

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What Women are


Saying about 



“I've followed Jo's work since she started The Sofa and it's changed my life. I have no doubt that this course will be no different - and I've only just bought it!"


"I cannot believe how much is contained in this course for the price of £14.99. If you're on the fence, just do it - it will blow your mind"


"I've bought other online courses before and been so disappointed, especially as they tend to be non-refundable. This course actually delivers, you can feel the enthusiasm and love it was written with and this is something Jo does on repeat.

Life's hard, I get it. Being a woman today is tough. We're bombarded with images of who and what we should be every single second of the day. A lot of us feel lost, lonely and detached from who we are.

Some of us will use substances to help. I was one of those women. My poison was expensive sauvignon blanc, drank out of nice glasses, on my comfy sofa in my lovely home whilst my family slept upstairs.

"I was looking for escape, without realising I was building my own cage"

If like me, you've developed unhelpful ways of coping with the stresses and strains of todays life then this transformational course could genuinely change your life. 

Whether it works or not (like everything) is entirely in your hands. 

I believe that you have everything you need to change, within you. You just need to be guided into a place where you can really dig deep and remember who the f*ck you are.

There are a TON of powerhouse resources into this course. 

All you need to do is believe in yourself - and show up.

Hold up.....

Are you a woman struggling with your relationship with alcohol?


Consider this your personal invitation from me into our beloved subscription group, affectionately known as 'Subs' and get this course included along with a WHOLE heap of other invaluable resources!

Subs is currently priced at just £9 per month, so if you're looking to purchase this course, come and have a month in our beloved community - on me!


Over there you'll find our 12 week program, live and on-demand training, guest experts, daily accountability posts and SO MUCH MORE!!

Empower is available on the app, for all Subs members at no extra charge.


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Remember love, nothing changes - if nothing changes....

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