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"Do something today that your future self will thank you for"

Jo O'Connor I Women's AF Coach

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Welcome to my website, thank you so much for being here! 

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Rewind to 2020. I was a typical 'unseen/grey area drinker' - smashing life on the outside and crumbling on the inside. At it's worst, I was drinking up to three bottles of wine a night, on the sofa of my lovely home whilst my children and husband slept.


Each morning, I'd wake with anxiety and a dull aching head, wondering how on earth this had happened, again.


I'd get the children to school and go off to my high pressured job, fuelled by caffeine and paracetamol with the mask firmly in place.

Rinse and repeat.​ 

After discovering and implementing 'the work' I will be three years sober in August of this year and thriving in every aspect of my life.  


I stepped away from a career that no longer served me, travelled ALOT and now support incredible women to move away from the darkness that only someone who has been there can understand.


Together, we create the life they deserve to be living through bespoke Alcohol Freedom Coaching.


On this website, you will have access to my story in a little more detail, browse authentic client testimonials and find out more about how you can apply for my bespoke coaching services.

If you're not there already, please join our incredible and free peer support Facebook group, The Sober Sofa, for Ladies Only - Or if you're ready to get started with doing 'THE WORK' then jump straight into our fantastic new subscription group and APP using the button below. It costs less than the price of ONE bottle of wine, PER MONTH and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


What exactly are you waiting for?

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